Welcome to WindRose

WindRose is an add-in to Microsoft's Excel for the analysis of wind data. It reads ASCII data (a file format produced by every data-logger, LIDAR or SODAR) and displays the analysis results into Excel spreadsheets. 

Example of WindRose integration to Excel

The results of the analysis comply with the existing standards in the Wind Energy sector (i.e.: IEC 61400-1 & -12, MEASNET Site Assessment). 

WindRose is used by the majority of greek developers, consultants, academic institutes, as well as, by many companies worldwide (United States, Australia, Canada, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Slovenia, Costa Rica, Equador, S. Korea, Jordan, Serbia, Namibia).

The software is developed and commercialized by C.R.E.S., the Greek Centre for Renewable Energy Sources.